Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's True

Yes, it's true I am a geek, a nerd and have been since my younger days. I grew up with Star Trek, the original.

My favorites were Spock and Scotty, first officer and the engineer.

I wasn't so sure that the remake of the old version I grew up with would be as good. But I have fallen in love with the crew. And oddly enough in this version my favorites are Spock and always will be but the younger Leonard Mccoy, the first officer and doctor.

As a writer I loved watching these because it spoke to the dreamer, the creator in me of what is possible. You can go beyond the stars in your writing if you will just dare. It also gave the first diverse look at people on a show. You had a Scotsman, you had a black person, Russian, Asian.

I will always be a Trekkie.


Kristina Price said...

Nothing wrong with being a nerd lol.

Roz said...

I agree, nothing wrong with being a nerd lol. I'm not a trekkie myself, but you're in good company :)


Angel said...

Thanks ladies